Croxden Parish Council.


Free Food Pantry Survival Boxes for Uttoxeter and Surrounding Villages

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We have now managed to formalise our food box process and as from Mon 4th May we will be accepting applications for Free Pantry Food Boxes for those that have EITHER found themselves disadvantaged while isolating during the lockdown OR are frontline NHS workers. The boxes focus on long life products that can go a bit further to make a number of meals and to hopefully complement some of the work done by other groups such as JCB hot meals and short life/fresh produce. We are working with the Uttoxeter COVID support network to help get these boxes out and delivered, (thanks to an amazing network of dedicated volunteers) but we need to spread the word, flyer attached.

If you’re working with those that meet the criteria above, please forward them a link to the application form to request a food box. It is one application per household. Flyer with details attached.

If people are struggling to complete the form, the Uttoxeter COVID helpline have very kindly said they will complete forms with people over the phone, as we appreciate not everyone will have access to the internet. The form is the only way to submit an application – due to time constraints and limited hands, we will not be able to accept applications by email.


If you aren’t sure if someone meets the criteria, please drop me an email first to double check, we’ve purposefully used a light touch approach on the criteria to try and support as many people as possible, especially those that are falling through the cracks.

Big thanks to The National Lottery Awards for All for helping us to make this possible.