Croxden Parish Council.


Coronavirus Latest Update


The Government has also announced £300 million additional funding for councils in England to support the new Test and Trace Service and to develop tailored outbreak control plans.

Plans will focus on identifying and containing potential outbreaks in places such as workplaces, housing complexes, care homes and schools. As part of this work, councils are asked to ensure testing capacity is deployed effectively to high-risk locations.  Will share details once we have them for Staffordshire.



In Staffordshire:



The Government has said it will offer the new antibody tests to NHS and Care workers from next week.

This doesn’t mean people who have the antibody are immune or do not need to social distance, but it will be better help our care homes manage deployment of employees and reduce risk of transmission of the virus as much as possible.

We are awaiting details (hopefully next week) of how, when and where this will work in Staffordshire.

Likewise, with testing centres for members of the public.


New Family Hubs:

Coronavirus has changed the way families live, work and learn.

We know that it’s made life harder for local people to keep their families happy, healthy and safe.  That’s why we’ve created eight new hubs of help.

The eight Family Hubs are virtual spaces where local people can find information, advice and guidance, as well as connect with others in their area.  

The hubs will answer questions, help families find support and share ideas for coping with the changes coronavirus is making to our lives. 

Please like and share the Facebook pages to help families know we are here to help. Contact details and links for the Family Hubs.