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Alton Towers - traffic management - July 2019

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Alton Towers are preparing for the annual end of term school visits which will be starting in earnest w/c 8th July.

The traffic lights will be out in Alton on Wednesday 17th July, Thursday 18th July and Friday 19th July between 3pm and 6pm which are the three busiest days.

The lights will be at the top and bottom of New Road Hill and there will be Stop/Go boards at all other junctions (Station Road, Malthouse Road, High Street, Knight Lane and Dimble Lane).


The team with the lights are from a traffic management company (supported by Alton Towers staff) and so have been trained to the required standard and we have a licence issued by Staffordshire County Council which means the lights are legal and must be observed.

It is a very complicated structure as there are five junctions that need to be co-ordinated, so there will be delays.

Alton Towers apologies for any delays experienced, but hopes residents understand the need for the system to ensure traffic flow is managed correctly.


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