Croxden Parish Council.

Sponsored Litter pick

Rosin and Marion Kent Litter Pick in Croxden

A civic-minded teenager from Croxden has made a difference to her local community while raising funds for a Girlguiding trip to Iceland in Summer 2020. Roisin Kavanagh, 13, is a member of the 1st Rocester Girlguiding unit and has been selected to represent Girlguiding Staffordshire on an international trip to Iceland next year. However, Girlguiding expects all participants in this unique international expedition to raise £1,600 each towards the cost of the trip.

Roisin said: “I am proud and very excited to have been selected to represent Girlguiding Staffordshire on this trip. I knew it would be hard to raise funds,
especially when people already support so many good causes.  I came up with the idea of a sponsored litter pick in the parish of Croxden. I just thought, everyone hates litter and my neighbours might sponsor me if I went to the effort of picking litter in the lanes around our homes.” Roisin was right - the residents of Croxden were only too happy to support her on a sponsored litter pick that took place on 23 June. In total, Roisin raised £150. She said: “I’m really pleased. It was very tiring but my Mum and Dad helped me do the litter pick and we couldn’t believe it when we counted up the bags at the end of the day – we collected 16 bags of litter in total”.

Marion Kent, Chair of Croxden Parish Council, was called upon to verify the number of bags so that everyone in the community who sponsored Roisin could know formally what had been achieved. Roisin said: “I just want to thank everyone who sponsored me for their support”. She added: “At school, we’re taught to respect the environment. I just don’t understand why people throw litter in our lanes. It’s so unnecessary and really spoils the countryside for everyone”.