Croxden Parish Council.

Website Accessibility Statement for Croxden Parish Council


Website Accessibility Statement for Croxden Parish Council


Croxden Parish council welcomes you to our website, we are very pleased that you have paid us a visit. We hope you find our website accessible and easy to navigate.


Disabled Accessible Features


  • A Disabled Access toolbar can be found to the bottom right of each web page providing audio screen reader, text enlargement and contrast button.
  • When opened, Croxden Parish council pdf documents have enlargement and download functions found by hovering over bottom centre of the page with the cursor.
  • Documents not generated by Croxden Parish Council can be accessed by links to their site of origin. Most of these are found on the Staffordshire County Council website which has a much broader range of accessibility tools described in their own Accessibility Statement.

 Limitations and Alternatives


Despite our best efforts to ensure accessibility to our website there may be some limitations as follows:

  • No screen reader available for Croxden Parish council pdf documents
  • Up loaded images may not have alternative texts
  • Our website may not be compatible with all modern assistive technologies and plug ins.

If you cannot access the information you need


Please ring or email a Councillor or the Parish Clerk for assistance. Current details can be found under the heading Parish Council/Councillors Information/Contact Information.

We welcome feed back to help us improve our website in future.


Assessment Approach


Croxden is a very small Parish. A detailed Accessibility Check would represent a disproportionate burden to the Council budget. In response to government guidelines, Croxden Parish Council selected a volunteer to carry out the following checking procedure

 as advised by NALC (National Association of Local Councils).


Improving Accessibility


Croxden Parish Council is committed to making information available to all parishioners and wider public which can be accessed via website, three notice boards, Parish Magazine, email or telephone call.

 Disabled accessibility to our website will be reviewed annually and in response to user feedback.    


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