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Broadband Universal Service Obligation (USO).

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Staffordshire County Council Superfast Broadband Team have advised the Parish Council of the following, which may be of interest to residents. 

    • The broadband Universal Service Obligation (USO) gives residents in the UK the right to request a decent (≥ 10Mbps) and affordable broadband connection.  Under the USO, eligible homes and businesses can request a connection, where the cost of building it is no more than £3,400. Consumers are now able to make requests for connections from the designated Universal Service Provider (BT). Further details can be found at  or by ringing 0800 783 0223.


  • Separately to the USO residents may consider using a 4G option which works well especially if combined with an external antennae (size of a Pringles tube). EE offer such an arrangement, further details can be found;
  • Should you need further advice about the 4G and Satellite broadband options you could contact for further information.

Additional information ( added 17/09/2020 ) :

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