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Parish Mag Mar 2021

Croxden Parish Council

serving Beamhurst, Great Gate and Fole

Greetings from your Councillors, we hope you are enjoying the lighter nights and milder weather, spring is definitely in the air at last.  Since the last PC report in January Marion Kent has been awarded the Freedom of Croxden Parish in recognition of her contribution to our community. Marion served for many years as a Councillor and latterly as Chairman until she stepped down in May last year. In consultation with Historic England, ESBC and local craftsmen maintenance has been carried out on the Whipping Post at Great Gate and its future has been safeguarded. Do stop and take a look at this historic relic and if you know any stories about its gruesome past, please let us know!

Croxden Parish Council met on Wednesday March 10th via zoom. For the time being, most of us will be enjoying life near to home and efforts continue to focus on maintenance, improvements and community within our lovely parish. On Saturday 8th May 9am councillors have volunteered a working morning to paint preservative on the wooden posts surrounding Great Gate Village Green (weather permitting). Cake for volunteers will be gratefully received!

Calling all residents of Beamhurst free bulbs are on offer to plant along the roadside verges during a community planting day in August/September.  Get in touch with clerk/councillors via phone/email if you would like this to happen.

Parish Wildlife Watch: Many thanks for news of wildlife sightings during January/February. Bramblings (rare winter visitors from Scandinavia) have been spotted in Hollington Lane, Roe, Red and Muntjack Deer in Great Gate. Look out for unusual wildflowers, amphibians and summer visiting birds. Record the date of the first swallow and frogspawn you see. Get the kids on it during the Easter holiday. Report to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share your information on parish notice boards and website.

As the pandemic continues don’t forget the message of CROXDEN CONNECT, check on your neighbours and chat safely to combat loneliness. Links to our local Help My Neighbours Facebook page, updates on Covid testing, local sights and how to apply can be found on the website.

The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on Zoom on Wednesday 5th May at 7pm. It is very easy to attend, instructions are provided on the Agenda published a week before each meeting on noticeboards and website. Join by phone if you don’t use the internet. We would love to hear from you.

Warm regards from your Councillors Paul, Nick, John, Marianne and Jackie